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A story for you my sister…

A reoccurring theme has been emerging in my dreams for some years now. I had another last night, and when I awoke, spent some time reflecting on it. It connects to an experience I had during my teenage years. In these years, it involves my friends not inviting me to join them for a spa …

why is my life so hard

What to do when life as you know it changes…

One of my biggest challenges in life so far is one of surrender. Surrendering to what is, as opposed to what I want to be. A lot of the time it is relatively easy. ¬†Surrendering to a rest when I wanted to exercise. ¬†Surrendering to not getting all the housework done when there are other …

What I did after my partners Mother died

I am drawn to write about an interesting topic, I can’t say I’ve seen to much written on. How do you deal/cope/work with, your partner, when he or she is dealing with the loss of a parent, or loved one? This is coming up for me in my life right now, and I have reached …

Want to see a preview of me before TRANSFORMATION?

Today I decided to start my own 30 Day Vlog Challenge

I want to overcome my own judgments of myself

– share how I live
– gain a greater reach
– practice my speaking
– share my weirdness

– share my knowledge & wisdom
– inspire greater health
– reach people who need what I’m sharing

– my judgement of how I look
– needing to be perfect
– my image
– repetitive ‘ya knows’ & ‘ums’

– greater speaking clarity
– speak succinctly
– share whats on my mind
– bring out more of my personality
– confidence speaking on video
– allow spirit to speak