Hey there, I’m Heidi, thanks for coming to visit me here.

I’ve spent my life solely dedicated to learning & embodying Health.  This moment is particularly pertinent for me, as it is a coming home to my original love & passion: Health & Movement.

As a kid I’ve always been naturally athletic, probably having dabbled in most sports & movement activities. It was something that was very easy for me & I was naturally good at it.  In the early 2000’s I found myself newly living in Sydney, Australia where it was time for me to lose (a lot of) weight gained during my London OE. I joined a large local gym, and upon regularly attending, decided that I wanted to become a Personal Trainer.

In my early 20’s I studied in Sydney, Australia to become a Personal Trainer, where I built my business. I found success with 1:1 clients, teaching outdoor Bootcamp classes, indoor Spin classes, & participating in a Natural Bodybuilding Competition. Working as a Trainer was such a satisfying profession as I enjoyed exploring & learning about all things body & health related. There was unlimited scope for growth, and I realised what I really desired was to truly and deeply understand what health was really all about in its entirety.

I became ultra curious about the psychology behind how people were motivated/why people did what they did. Why they wouldn’t take certain steps towards their health goals, what would hold them back, and what was behind their excuses.  This curiosity led me to study a Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching at Nature Care College.  With elements of psychology, Holistic Counselling, Change & Transformation, and a deeper look into the mental health of individuals.  This program aided in understanding how to heal myself.  My physical training, and understanding of holistic health, was taken to the next level, as it now included not just the physical body, but the connection between our thoughts and emotions, and our physical condition. 

After competing in a Bodybuilding Competition in 2006 whilst exploring my newly discovered inner landscape & psyche, The business that I’d created crumbled to the ground, alongside with my ego.  Little did I know at the time, I had much identity tied up with being a Personal Trainer and given the path my soul had signed up for, that needed to disassemble.  I spent 2.5 years navigating depression & seeing an amazing therapist through most of this time to support me. It was time to heal my deepest childhood trauma and address the reasons why I was a fast train going nowhere.

I climbed out of the god made hole (as my counselling teacher would call it), and took brand new steps, as a sensitive, connected being in the world.  I re-enrolled back with Nature Care College, this time diving into their Diploma of Energetic & Spiritual Healing. I felt the pull to learn about this powerful modality and the interconnectedness of energy and everything. My journey towards becoming a truly holistic personal trainer continued with great interest and passion.

After graduation I’d decided it was time to do life a bit more lightly, and have some fun. So I took the time to integrate my studies and life experience to work at lululemon for many years. At the time, they had a wonderful philosophy that was right up my alley, and I was paid to attend many local yoga and athletic classes.  This enabled me to observe, experience, and continue to connect what holistic health, and fitness coaching is all about from a very broad and diverse perspective. 

My many years of study & self development took their sweet time to integrate, and life continued to guide me to various locations around the world to support me to fully embody everything it is to be a conscious and aware soul on this planet. I got disassembled time after time after time, only to reassemble stronger & stronger. 

My study and practice came to include energy work, Theta Healing, Reiki, clearing energetic blockages, emotional release, clearing Ancestral Trauma and the psychological connections to doing real energy work with clients.  What does all this have to do with Health, and a Gym?  Everything!  And I am just so excited that it is now time to bring together all of my work towards a true understanding and practice, and ability to coach holistic fitness, and health. 

Health is everything, and it is a part of everything we do, think and feel. When we reflect on this within ourselves the nature of who we are is revealed.  We are more than a physical body doing a workout for an hour in a gym to aim to be cardiovascularly fit and physically strong.

How do you truly want to feel?

How do you want to experience your precious life with your loved ones?

How important is it to feel flexible, fluid and free in your body as you progress through your life?

Are you prepared to really dive in, and explore deeply what fitness and health really mean to you?  Are you prepared to connect with the ‘why’ of your health and fitness?

The totality of my life learning, experience, struggles and victories have brought me to this point where I am ready to guide people through their inner landscape of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

I am looking forward to connecting, supporting, talking life, and sharing moments.