holistic therapies with heidi

Hey there, I’m Heidi, thanks for coming to visit me here.

I’ve been in a sort of hibernation period harmonizing my being, upgrading and preparing myself for this work in the world. I’ve been working with clients since 2003 where I started as a Personal Trainer in one of Sydney’s leading Fitness Clubs.

Desire for further knowledge lead me to undertake a 2 year Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching & Certificate in Holistic Counselling at Nature Care College, followed by another Diploma of Energetic & Spiritual Healing. 6 years later I needed to have some fun & embody what I’d learnt.

I found myself following my hearts guidance to Canada, Bali, and back to New Zealand, while experiencing muddy times of challenge, the darkest nights of the soul, psychosis or maybe a kundalini awakening – blog here. I even had a depression chapter that lasted for 2.5 years after I completed a Body Building competition in 2006. All these life experiences to anchor in a new reality, heal from childhood traumas and walk my walk aligned with the Creator, Mother Earth & Divine Love.

I walk my talk in mind, body & soul to show up in this crazy world for the biggest paradigm shift of our time. I have the skillset to meet you where you’re at, as I’ve likely walked it too. I am passionate about health & educating others on what is possible, free from the beliefs that have kept us living small.

I’m 44 Earth years, going on 27, and have the remarkable strength to meet you with loving depth & compassion & the playfulness of our inner child. It’s a balance I’ve worked hard to honor. My work cannot be categorized into a box, because the process & journey is pure magic. Though I can speak to the elements you seek, to support your mind to ease.

I attract people who are ready for big change, and are prepared to be shown whole new ways of living. It’s an exciting container to sit in & I’m bubbling with joy.

Whilst I expand on this section, do feel free to check out my list of available services & make a booking.
And join the Be Your Own Guru Community. I don’t bite. Promise.

Love Heidi xx