Welcome to Be Your Own Guru

Be Your Own Guru is about living from souls guidance & inner wisdom.
This guidance is constantly aligning us with our Earth connection, optimal health, vision & dreams, all ultimately our souls purpose.

Human Self/Ego/Personality + Souls Purpose = Big Magic!

When we reconnect with our intuition, and listen to our inner guru, we know what is needed in any given moment, finding ourselves in a flow state. There will be great clarity and steps forward revealed as needed.

What I offer in this space, is a reminder, a container to invite what is already known.  An opportunity to remember what is within.  

As a result of reconnecting with your Inner Guru, you will;
+ increase connection/feelings of belonging within your life relationships
+ increase health, energy & vibrancy
+ make permanent changes to your life/work balance
+ increase self confidence, feel peaceful and content
+ know how to work with your negative thinking + be inspired to follow your dreams & desires

as a side effect of the above, you could experiencing healing of;

+ love + personal relationship habits/problems
+ greater Earth connection & intuition
+ increase of self care tools & techniques
+ greater capacity to navigate anxiety & depression
+ heal chronic pain conditions
+ increase of self esteem – “not good enough” syndrome
+ greater emotional management
At present I work with a select few clients, on a 1:1 basis, to support the awakening process, and re-connection with inner resources/tools.
Please visit my work with heidi page to view my current offerings.

“the only way forward is through.”

There is no separation between any living thing on this Planet.
Animal, human or our natural environment.
The sooner we align to this, the Earth will continue to strengthen and work her magic through us.