Wanderlust Whistler 2015

This weekend occurring, has been a culmination of a process of letting go and letting god for me.

Its tough to articulate the specifics of energy movement as it is in transit, but I feel as though I am surrendering stuff that is YEARS old.

I really love what one of the facilitators said yesterday about giving ourselves permission to feel good as well as experience the pain we might feel.  I know for myself, I’m great at acknowledging when things feel tough, but perhaps haven’t been so great at acknowledging when things feel amazing.

As I was driving off the ferry onto the Mainland on Friday, I noticed a build up of energy in my being which translated as burping and a general oddness in my body.  When I surrendered to it and gave myself permission to let it pass, what transcended was total bliss & joy at being in the moment of the adventure I had embarked on.  I cried in joy at the appreciation of myself for taking that step into the void, into the unknown.

This weekend has been just that.  I have felt so extremely proud of myself for being this little fish in the ocean, for stepping out into unknown, for travelling to Whistler, Canada on my own.  I have been greeted by like minded souls & embrace in love and the magic of how life is.  Being here, I see how I have been in some sort of bubble of discomfort.  Self created.

This morning I was drawn to a Kundalini Yoga class.  This is a practice I guess I choose to do sporadically as I know and feel only to well how it has the powerful ability to stir my energy, and as an extension – my life up.  I always trust that I am guided to what I need in each moment, and this moment was no different.

We were guided through a series of breathing and movement exercises to arrive at one of surrendering all of our worries, fears and cares to the divine.  I could feel stuff building to release, but little did I know what I was paving the way for.

By the end of our surrendering exercise, my tears and snot were flowing everywhere.  I was crying for everyone and everything.  I was crying for the pain of being human.  Right now I feel I am still in this, and am feeling a little tender, and so have retreated to our home space for some quiet R & R.

So I sit here right now, in gentle reflection of what I am rebirthing and remembering.

Till next time…

Me Vancouver Ferry Wanderlust

Heidi Firth

"I'm living my life inspired by spirit, practicing surrender and following my guidance in each moment..."
Sounds all very idealistic & luxury right? Nope. It takes courage, strength & trust. It's fueled by blood, sweat & a lot of tears.
If it was easy, the planet wouldn't be in this state. Trust your higher purpose & be in awe of life.

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  1. Hey Heidi,

    I hear you on being guided moment to moment. I was guided to a yoga class today actually. And within minutes I felt so much grief flowing through me.

    Here’s to rebirthing.

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