Day 2 here I am!

If you haven’t heard, I signed up for a 15 day blog challenge.  Each day presents a new topic to blog about.
Todays is:  What is your Most Important Action that will leverage your business within the next 15 days.

Initially when I listened to Natalie’s Video this morning, I felt a surge of anxiety…

Holy Shit – what am I NOT doing!

I went straight into fear mode.

Natalie listed some examples of Most Important Actions, and it made me realize how far I am from, say, putting a client proposal together, creating video scripts, or launching a new product.

And this is my problem.  I can often feel deflated because I’m not where I would like to be.

I totally compare myself to all the other beauties out there who HAVE launched their books, who have a tribe of followers and generally look like they’re kicking ASS!

So I went through my little process of this, and acknowledged, right, I might not be at the stage of creating the above tasks, BUT this topic is a right kick up the bum, and I see myself as a proactive – motivated individual – SO what IS achievable for me?

I think the biggest obstacle – if I even bother to call it that – is Networking.  Telling people what I do!

Because I’m new in this town, and new to this bloody country for that matter – I am SO aware that I am yet to create my group of friends and network.
I have been aware of this, and so last week, I decided to take some action – and went into my local lululemon athletica store and asked for a job.
They’re not currently hiring, but that doesn’t mean that’s the end of that – it’ll be a work in progress.

But the MAGIC of the morning, from this MIA process is that upon my arrival at my gym this morning, I saw my friend T.  He asked me how I went with lululemon, and I shared what I did with you.  I shared my intentions around wanting to work for them again.  He suggested a recent opportunity that could exist within Studio 4 (my gym).  They’re currently seeking a membership consultant/reception person, and said he’d be happy to introduce me to the gym Manager if I wanted.  Studio 4

Long story short.  By the end of my workout – I knew I wanted to meet the Manager – so I did.

I have just emailed off my Resume to her, and who knows?  I could have a P/T role within my local gym…
Talk about getting clear on what you need & making shit happen!

What a wonderful opportunity it would be.  I could meet so many new people & get my word out there!

So – My Most Important Action is NETWORKING – telling people what I do.

And just incase you don’t know what I do…

I help individuals and groups of women align to their greatest Health, Increasing Self Love & Self Esteem.

Heidi Firth

"I'm living my life inspired by spirit, practicing surrender and following my guidance in each moment..."
Sounds all very idealistic & luxury right? Nope. It takes courage, strength & trust. It's fueled by blood, sweat & a lot of tears.
If it was easy, the planet wouldn't be in this state. Trust your higher purpose & be in awe of life.

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