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Natalie provides awesome information for online Apps that help an individual organize their personal AND business lives.

I don’t know how to turn this topic into an interesting post today?
(If trees are your thing – as they are mine – fast forward to the image if you’re bored already).

I currently don’t use any form of online organisation system, however after having a quick sticky beak at Evernote can see the benefits of having a #onestopshop so to speak.

I just had a thought!!
Maybe we will all move over to a more integrated online organisational system, as opposed to using the likes of Facebook?
Maybe this is the way of the future?

I have spoken to friends who feel that Facebook will be on the move out in the future, and there will be other online options people will move into.  I get it, but with Facebook as addictive as it is for our current generations, I am curious to see how the transition will occur.

Whilst I can see the benefits of an online organizational system, my thoughts lean to “oh another system to learn how to use”.  Sometimes I can be quite impatient and want to know how to use things IMMEDIATELY.  NOW!!!

Perhaps I’m a little old fashioned in my organisational systems?  I do enjoy a plain old paper diary where I can write in my tasks, appointments & ideas.  This worked really well for me in my previous job.  I would create tick boxes each day for my to do items, and just as simple, tick them off once they were complete.  If for whatever reason I was unable to complete them, they made it to the next day, or a day where I knew it would be completed.  BOOM – organized.

Again, perhaps this is a case, of not yet needing a full program for all of my items, and that when I do get moving into the creation aspect of my Podcasts, future e-books, Courses etc… I can see these tools as being helpful.

I thought part of the fun of being creative was having tactile items to engage & stimulate the right sided brain?  Putting them all into a Left sided brain format – does it remove the fun & enjoyment from these?  I dunno?  I’m not saying it does, just posing a question that arose for me thinking about it.

My current workspace – ie – the Dining Room table, is rich with my pens, papers, drawings, Vision Board images, Leonie Dawson Workbook… To take photos of it – and put it into an organised system??  Yup – I’m not so sure about that…  Come back and ask me again in 6 months time when I am too busy to deal with my table mess.  😉

If you’ve taken the time to read my post today – I thank you for your time.  I hope that you don’t feel like you lost 5 mins of your life…
If you do feel this way – I sincerely apologize, and in exchange I offer you this image of me sitting on one of the magnificient beauties laying within Cathedral Grove, British Colombia, Canada eh!

Cathedral Grove - Heidi

Heidi Firth

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If it was easy, the planet wouldn't be in this state. Trust your higher purpose & be in awe of life.

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