Remember back in school when we used to fill in friendship books with random information about ourselves?

Well I just found one in a Cosmo Magazine while I was searching for Vision Day images and thought I’d do it for fun and share it…

Here goes;

Name:  Heidi

Nickname:  Heids

My friends always make fun of me for…  My second toe.  It’s longer than my big toe

My biggest turn-on is…  Inspiring people who get shit done and are out to change the world

The best advice I’ve ever got about love is…  A tricky one, but probably that it doesn’t involve the head/ego

From…  My Chicken friend

The one thing I can’t live without is…  One thing?  Coffee, Chocolate, Sunshine, Hugs, Kisses, Delicious Food, Friends, Soulful Conversation…

Life’s too short too…   Not follow your heart & give a fuck

I feel sexiest in: b
a) A dress
b) lululemon gear
c) Lingerie
d) Nothing

Heartbreak is…  necessary – rich with valuable lessons.

The last text I received said…  Thanks love

And was from…  Erin Tymchuck

The only way to cure a sugar hangover is: d
a) Eat more junk food
b) Remain still and watch crap TV
c) Go for a run
d) Have a nap

You might be shocked to find out I’ve never…  Um, I’ve got nothing for you off the top of my head.

The one thing I know about men and sex that I wish I’d known five years ago is…  the more open & loving I am, the more open & loving they are.

If I was a boy for the day the first thing I’d do is…  What do you think?

My biggest mistake in relationships has always been:  neither of these.  See two questions above
a) Wearing my heart on my sleeve
b) Not backing down in arguments
c) Getting jealous

The most hurtful thing I’ve ever read about myself was…  reading someone else’s friendship book when I was at school where the question written was “Who don’t you like?”  My name was one that followed.  🙁

I feel most powerful when…  I am following my heart & moving forward in life.  When I am successfully riding my snowboard.

When no one is looking, I…  a
a) Dance in front of the bedroom mirror
b) Do a pouty selfie
c) Scoff five biscuits really quickly

I couldn’t date someone who didn’t love my…  second toe

Insert a picture of a goal for this year 

Whistler Snowboarder

Heidi Firth

"I'm living my life inspired by spirit, practicing surrender and following my guidance in each moment..."
Sounds all very idealistic & luxury right? Nope. It takes courage, strength & trust. It's fueled by blood, sweat & a lot of tears.
If it was easy, the planet wouldn't be in this state. Trust your higher purpose & be in awe of life.

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