Here are 9 hacks to simplify life that I’ve learnt over time.  They assist in clearing the clutter of the mind and align more strongly with my Inner Guru.

1              REST
When your body is tired, and all you can think about is needing a rest, take a rest!  Your body is your vehicle.  When your car is out of gas, can you get to where you’re going?  Ahhhhh NO, you need to stop & refuel.  Your bodies’ gas is rest and nutritious food.

When you’ve rested, the world will look very different and you’ll feel renewed moving forward within it.  Sleeping is the No. 1 free healthcare that you can give yourself.  Don’t under estimate the power of a nap.  It can reset your whole being.  Especially in times of great stress and change, we process so much in our dream state.

Often times if we are tired, we encounter blocks and resistance, sometimes frustration in relation to getting tasks complete.  Take a rest, come back refreshed, and notice how much more life flows freely for you.

When asking a question that you want an answer to, drop your thinking and searching about it. Make an intention before you go to bed to receive the answer when you awake.
The same goes for information you’re seeking.  Ask the question, let it go, and trust the solution will show up when needed.

If you can’t remember a piece of information that you’re searching for, drop it.  Forget about it.  Trust that it will show up, you will remember, or someone will remind you at some point, and you will have it.  Don’t stress your pretty face by digging in your memory banks.  Our minds have our own built-in ‘cloud’, we simply need to remember how to use it.  Send that little request to your cloud “what was the name of that person I met a week ago who said they were a social media guru?”  Drop it, then be prepared to receive that information when you least expect it.

3              PRODUCTIVITY
When you’re not able to be productive in your work and daily tasks, or things are not flowing, you’re not able to get tasks complete.  Stop, take a break, take the afternoon off, or take the day off.

Trust that when the energy returns for powering through your tasks, you will.  Life happens in ebb and flow cycles.  We can’t maintain the same level of productivity day in day out, we’re not robots, we weren’t designed to do that.  Work with the energy that is available on any given day.  As Women, we go through birth/death cycles.  There are times when we are amazingly productive, and there are times where it is time to shed, renew and restore.  As within, so without.

Get in tune with yours to know where you’re at, and attune your life to match it.  You’ll find a renewed flow in your world!

4              SELF CARE
When you really don’t want to do that thing you committed to, cancel.  Have integrity with yourself.  Often we feel SO obliged to do the things.  Not let a friend down, go to the party, the dinner, the work function, the school event.  Our lives are OH SO FULL.

If you are feeling like you simply don’t want to go, listen to that.  Honor yourself and politely cancel.  You can go, feeling the way you feel, and perhaps have an enjoyable night, or, you may be pushing yourself out of alignment with yourself.
What is your inner dialogue like?
Is it the same as the person you are presenting as, or are you having to pretend/wear a mask hiding how you really feel?
The disconnect between the two, can be fuel to inner guilt, cold, sore throat, or just plain old resentment for having gone and not wanting to.

Your self care is primary, no one can give to you what you CHOOSE to give to you.  It is actually ok to disappoint others in the path of giving to you.  You are not responsible for what their reaction might be to your action.  Changing patterns has a ripple effect on those around us.

The alternative is to disappoint you, in the name of keeping others happy.  What do you chose?

5              EMOTIONS = energy in motion
When they need to happen, let them!
When a feeling arises that is uncomfortable, all the more reason to witness it.
Just pause and let nature take its course.  The rain doesn’t try not to rain because the people down below need it not to, it does, and it doesn’t apologize for it.  Don’t dance around what is happening in the here and now.

Don’t try to get to your destination when there is an obstacle in the middle of the road, driving around it, leaving it for others to deal with (and others ARE having to deal with it).

Pause.  Breathe.  Allow.  Then move forward again with peace and grace.

Like someone you met, but didn’t get their details.  Throw the thought to the wind.  If you’re meant to see them again, they will cross your path.  If they don’t, they are not meant to, and be thankful for the beautiful moment you shared.

We are living in an information era.  Where we can read about any topic, and instantly understand it.  Books, Blogs, Articles, Magazines etc…  It is easy to think we have a handle on a certain topic because we have read extensively on in, but this doesn’t mean that we know something to be true, or have integrated this knowledge.
We might understand our pain body and emotions because we’ve read Eckhart Tolle, but until we’ve actually worked through something so emotionally challenging with a skilled practitioner or other, we are just reciting intellectual knowledge, not guru centered wisdom

8              FOOD/NUTRITION
We all know what habits we should or shouldn’t be doing.  That quiet voice within is constantly guiding us.  It is our ego that yells over the top, often dictating whether to listen or not, based on its’ fears and conditioning.

We know that we should, or shouldn’t eat the sugary ladened treat, the fast food, the quick fix ‘treat’ that is masking our underlying emotions.

I have learnt to trust, that when the timing is right, when I’m ready to let go of unhealthy habits, then I will.  Fighting against them is futile.  That said, there needs to be a willingness to allow the emotion/s to surface.

If you wish to create change in your eating habits, listen to your emotions, tune into what is happening in your life externally also.  Are you going through a tough time where you are needing that extra food support?  There is a reason why we do what we do.

When we learn to address our emotional needs, the shift in eating naturally occurs without to much effort.

Sitting with our emotions, taking time to journal them, speak to a trained therapist, process them as needed, supports our external distraction drivers.

9              TRAVEL
When travelling always carry with you your refillable water bottle, if you drink coffee – a reusable cup (keep cup), travel cutlery, a bamboo straw for those hydrating coconuts, and a fabric shopping bag.  If you want to reach super Guru status, carry a takeaway food container also.

This planets’ not decomposing plastic any faster than our ability to stop producing it, so PLEASE be an Earth Guru and be prepared to reduce your plastic consumption. If you have friends traveling, jump on your soap box, and inspire them to do the same also.

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Heidi Firth

"I'm living my life inspired by spirit, practicing surrender and following my guidance in each moment..."
Sounds all very idealistic & luxury right? Nope. It takes courage, strength & trust. It's fueled by blood, sweat & a lot of tears.
If it was easy, the planet wouldn't be in this state. Trust your higher purpose & be in awe of life.

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