We have a plan. Our dreams, visions, souls desires. We spend our lives in pursuit of these dreams no? What if you could download alignment to your dreams?

The unfolding nature that is our life. Our experience ebbing & flowing to create our dreams.

But they never manifest in a way that we ‘think’ they’re going to. Has that been your case? Or has life shown up for you, exactly as you thought it would? If it has, well done, but perhaps you might need to let go of control, just a little.

Each time I sit down with an idea to write words, something completely different comes forth. It’s quite funny really. The idea, vs the actuality of what comes through. Most of the time, I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. But these days I’m so ok with that.

I moved from Queenstown to Motueka in the last week, and whilst I knew I was moving into complete newness & unknown. Being here is a whole different experience. I now see the amount of courage and trust it takes to pack up life from the known, and move into complete unknown. Starting essentially from scratch.

As an idea prior, I saw my dreams & visions that aligned with this move. I saw warmer climate to grow food, have land, meet a partner, join community in shared vision etc etc… as I sit here now, I’m in the transition of it all. Plus with 4 -5 planets in retrograde, um… what am I doing? Not really. It feels so light, new & did I mention it was warm?

The path of change & transformation is not a straight one. Not at all. It’s an incredible journey of flow, growth, love, pain too, but massive reward. Reward for stepping outside of ones comfort zone.

I wrote yesterday that I have SO much space around me at present. I’m not in my normal home environment, and so I’m not titavating (as Samaya’s Mum says), I have a few sessions, friend phone calls, life admin. But then, there’s space. And when there’s space. There’s nothing to do but be.

The land is still, and so, why would I not join it? I’m not separate to it. There is a beauty here. If everything we ‘do’, is not to pursuit of deeper love & connection with self and others, land-people-cosmos included, then, why do we do it? What is our why? What is your why? Why do you do what you do? All aspects inter-connect. And so they should. I’ve always asked why. If what I’m doing isn’t connected to a greater why, then I’ll review said thing. I have my whole life.

For example when I lived in Bali, and looked at building an online business. I’d always ask why & look at how I would then be spending my time. It didn’t align, and I was quite shocked to learn that ‘building an online business’, wasn’t what I was meant to be doing – even though ‘everyone’ else in my industry was.

Anyway, what I keep coming back to, is the available flow of energy & divine force. Interconnected with the land, seasons, moon cycles and all that is. There’s a flow that exists here. It doesn’t work against anything. There is ease. There is rest. And there is action when required. It is a way of existing that is in harmony with all. I feel I’ve found this. It look a lot of letting go. A lot of what my mind believed, & a LOT of conditioning from Ancestors & History. Because we are a product of those.

The cool thing now, is that it doesn’t have to be so hard. You can download alignment to your dreams. I am learning that the sum total of my experiences, what I’ve moved through, shifted, transcended, let go of, healed, blah blah blah, can now be condensed into a sort of ‘zip drive’. People now, don’t have to be healing their ‘stuff’ through the metaphorical mud anymore. Like I did. We can now access this wisdom, this innate knowing through our own divine connection, and of course, someone to show the way. We often need a guide to help us remember who we really are. Someone who is an example of what is possible.

So if our mind gets on board and remembers it isn’t the driver, then we can be in for a pretty awesome ride in this life. If it can let go the reigns, and allow our greater wisdom to be the guide. I’m just sayin…

Wouldn’t you like to download alignment to your dreams, like receiving a downloaded zip drive, so you don’t have to work through mentally? I know I do these days. Makes life so much easier than I ever knew.

I watch people shift their energy just by pure permission. Magic. Magic exists!

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Heidi Firth

"I'm living my life inspired by spirit, practicing surrender and following my guidance in each moment..."
Sounds all very idealistic & luxury right? Nope. It takes courage, strength & trust. It's fueled by blood, sweat & a lot of tears.
If it was easy, the planet wouldn't be in this state. Trust your higher purpose & be in awe of life.

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