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  • Sessions to Support
    Life Changes & Visions


    Transpersonal Coaching/Energy Coaching
    Alignment with a vision

    I will support you to re-align beliefs, clear blocks, and repetitive patterns.

    This 5 - 10 week container, will create alignment with an intention & vision.
    + In person or online via Messenger or Zoom
    + Weekly or Fortnightly Sessions
    + Paypal | Bank Transfer
    + Package Format: 1 x Initial consultation + 4 x 1 hour sessions
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    Intuitive Card Reading/Body Scan
    per reading
    $77 - 99
    Receive intuitive message to support your current situation

    I will pull a card/s & tune into what is ready to be communicated.

    I will send you voice memos sharing all that comes through.

    I'll share an image & summary of what came through.

    If needed, we can discuss what arose to complete the reading.
    + Online Via Messenger | Zoom | WhatsApp
    + Paypal | Bank Transfer
    + Optional Coaching in addition to reading + $22
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    Energy/Coaching Treatment Room




    What is Transpersonal Coaching?

    Transpersonal means – beyond the self.  Ego self.
    We live our lives based on our conditioning.  How we were raised and what we were taught.

    These ways may not be what we believe today, but they run like background programs creating our physical world.
    When we work together, I listen for your non verbal & verbal language, which communicates misalignment between old conditioning & the new belief.

    With this information we can use tools & techniques to dissolve the imbalance to greater align with truth and vision/goals.

    In turn, creating powerful shifts in your physical life, mental state & energy field.

    What is Energy Healing?

    As we have a physical body, we have an energy body too.

    Comprised of Chakras, Meridians, Auric Fields and so much more.

    Our conscious & subconscious thoughts – create blockages in our energy body.

    We need to have regular practices in clearing our energy, so we can flow through life with ease.

    If we don’t, we may find ourselves repeating patterns or with a physical ailment that is calling our attention.

    Tapping into this bodily message or ailment, can offer understanding & healing which creates change.

    What is Energy Coaching?

    When we put both Transpersonal Coaching & Energy Healing together,

    We have an opportunity to guide a person, how to connect with their energy body, and catch limiting thoughts.

    In turn, we bring our power back to self – knowing we can shift patterns & blocks using our own tool kit.

    My purpose is to empower you to be your own Guru,

    To draw upon inner resources to clear and heal any challenge that may arise. 

  • Why, ‘Be Your Own Guru’?

    There are many bright shiny modalities to participate in these days. We are blessed with an abundance of Spiritual Smorgasbord delights, to support in guiding us to wherever it is that we’re looking.  Usually to feel good, healthier, quality relationships, shift from depression… only you know what you’re looking for (or not).

    This can feel OVERWHELMING!

    Be Your Own Guru is remembering everything is within, guiding  towards optimal health, dreams, desires & visions.

    When we reconnect to our intuition, and listen to our inner guru, we  know what is needed in any given moment, finding ourselves in a flow state.  There will be great clarity and steps forward revealed as needed.

    This space is a reminder, a container to invite what is already known, and if needed, offer tools to put in your pocket.

    As a result of listening to your Inner Guru, you will;

    + increase connection/feelings of belonging within your life relationships
    + increase health, energy & vibrancy
    + make sustainable changes to your work/life balance
    + increase self confidence, feel peaceful and content
    + know how to work with your negative thinking
    + be inspired to follow your dreams & desires

    “the only way forward is through.”

    Often we are caught up in the busy-ness of our external world, trying to put out fires, left-right-center… By the time we’ve hung up our fireman overalls for the day we are exhausted.  It doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s not how life was designed.
    “The only way forward is through”, is a reminder that we need to come back home to ourselves and tend to the inner fires which in turn extinguish our outer ones.  

    There is no separation between any living thing on this Planet.
    Animal, human or our wild natural environment.
    The sooner we align to this, the Earth will continue to strengthen and work her magic through us.

  • Testimonials from clients….

    “Heidi is one of the wisest women I have met. Although she has definitely racked up a wealth of training and has all the right certificates under her belt, Heidi’s wisdom stems from the innate compassion of one who has experienced the hard times and come out the other side. She knows how to draw beauty and motivation from the muddy depths. In our coaching sessions Heidi articulated the things that I felt but had no words for. She articulated new ways for me to move forwards that were inspiring, empowering and ethical. I cannot recommend working with Heidi enough. She is professional, possessed of a rare worldy-wisdom and above all she has the ability to tap in to the hidden parts that may be obscured from your own view and shine up a big mirror for you to see your own true potential. There is no dogma or ego driving Heidi’s work, she is truly invested in guiding people how to be their own guru”
    Freya Zinovieff


    Heidi has an amazing way of helping people find the answers they are looking for. She somehow always manages to ask the right question in just the right way to guide and lead me to finding my own truth. I am amazed by her ability to hold the space for me and be present to my needs to work through whatever is coming up for me. When tricky or uncomfortable situations arise in my life I often find myself asking “what would Heidi say or do in this moment?” I can then draw from the knowledge she has shared and lead me to in order to find a way to get through. She has a very peaceful influence on me which helps me to focus on the lessons I can gain in every day moments. Heidi has really supported me in knowing my worth and learning to love myself.

    I could have kept writing but I think my final words on the amazingness of Heidi is….
    Fucking Legend!!

    Michelle Tyquin


    Heidi is a truly gifted, natural Healer, Coach and Mentor. From the moment I met her, she had an impact on my life. In our time together, she never ceases to hold me in a womb of love, challenging my ego and guiding me to a space of love and truth. She is a wise, beautiful, gentle, nurturing soul who is dedicated to not only healing others, but embodying this healing journey herself. If you are stuck, or struggling, in any area of your life, Heidi will assist you shift the internal blocks, so that you can finally be free. She surely is an angel worth seeing.

    Tania Veronese


    Heidi’s intuition is impressively accurate! Her visions & words have a way of perfectly depicting what I am feeling or experiencing, in each moment. Whenever I am unclear of what is happening, Heidi enthusiastically describes a picture of my situation for me. I love it! Her empathy, her focus, in addition to her communicative abilities make her an excellent guide & coach.
    A Life Coaching session with Heidi is always filled with a blast of energy, positively inspiring perspectives and delightful, truthful inner connections! No matter where you are at in life, Heidi will joyfully accompany you into deepening your understanding and getting you in touch with your feelings. She will naturally, wonderfully connect you to YOU!

    Lynne Marion, Intuitive Life Coach