how my journey began…

Hey there, I’m Heidi, thanks for coming to visit me here.

Our souls are constantly guiding us, to have experiences that take us on a journey into our inner selves.

You’ve likely been sending questions into the ether to find the answers you seek.

I’m so thrilled your guidance has delivered you here.

Chances are you resonates with the journey I’ve been on, as like attracts like, and this is how I attract the people who are ready to work with me.

Like most, I grew up within a family unit where communication & managing emotions were not inherent.  Add to this recipe, I was raised by my incredible single Mother – so no Father figure, and within this, sexual abuse was mixed in.

This foundation set the tone, for an upbringing of extreme lack of self esteem & love.  Always questioning everything, never comfortable in anything.

Through teenage years I joined the typical kiwi culture of binge drinking and partying – because that’s normal right?!  As soon as I could, I bought a one way ticket to London & never looked back.

The partying continued for a number of years, turning into recreational drugs & the evolving club scene when I moved to Sydney, Australia.

Eventually partying to the wee hours, didn’t suit my evolving passion for health & fitness, and my energy got diverted from raving, into gym junkie/cardio queen/body builder habits – because that’s also acceptable too right?

Throughout this time, I’d gained qualifications in Personal Training & was enrolled in the Diploma of Transformational Life Coaching, at Nature Care College.

The culmination of the end of my body building competition, a vision quest & other factors saw me head down the rabbit hole & deep dive into depression.

I journeyed in this Dark Night of the Soul for some 2.5 years, before emerging out into a whole new world.  Throughout this time, everything about myself had changed.  I was walking in a brand new world, basically learning how to walk & talk all over again.

The story continues on with other interesting chapters including losing my business, moving countries multiple times, heart ache & break, experiencing psychosis, living in a silent retreat, more dark nights, lots of uncertainty, walking in the mud – as I like to call it, returning home to my country of origin after 18 years, and meeting my Twin Flame – which has been the icing on the cake.

In summary, my journey has been rich and varst, encompassing primary themes of dismantling old templates, timelines & paradigms, to align to my souls primary purpose & mission.

No small feat & yet clearly what my soul signed up for in this lifetime.

Out on the other side, my work lies in supporting others going through major life transformation.  Awakening to the inner being that you are in the world, aligned with body/mind & spirit + heaven & earth, in unison.

Only from this place can we flow with peace, love & grace through this lifetime.

If this resonates with your being, if you feel the tingles & feels from reading my words, reach out & connect, let’s chat to align you with the greatness that you came here to remember.

The only way forward, is through.

Be Your Own Guru