what is kangen water?

Before I share the plethora of scientific information that is readily available on Kangen Water with you, I want to share my personal story and experience.  Unfortunately, like anything wonderful we don’t get to fully grasp its wonderfulness until we’ve had our own unique personal experience with it.  Until then, we only know what we know right?!

How many times have you heard, watched, read up about a product, but it hasn’t been until you’ve personally experienced something till you’ve been a believer?

I was introduced to Kangen by a dear soul.  He was super passionate about this liquid gold and wanted everyone around him to know about it too.  He’d ride into my then work, barefoot on his skateboard, Enagic Bottle in hand, spiel off all the scientific benefits of this ‘amazing water’.  I was initially un-impacted, and just thought “yeah, yeah, yeah…” I mean, what the heck does micro-clustering even mean?

It wasn’t until I had his Enagic Bottle in my hands, about to take a sip, he eagerly watching.  His face lit up as I sipped, he declared,
“wait for it…”
I looked at him, eyes wide, as if I’d just discovered a magic secret…
“this water is ALIVE!!”  
I then understood what all his fuss was about!

I’m an Energy Healer, (and human being), so am finely tuned to the vibration of life.  I can see, sense and feel the subtleties of energy.  This water was alive and vibing high!  It was like nothing I had felt in my body before!  Immediately I could feel the clarity of this water.  The taste so pure and free from tap water chemicals, it’s as it should be, water from its original source.  I giggled like a kid at the joy I felt from this experience.

I immediately signed up for a 1 month Kangen Water trial.

I have great Health. I look after myself, so don’t have any chronic physical health concerns.  I have regular practices in Meditation, breath work, movement, and energy healing. I address energies and emotions as they arise in the mental/emotional/energetic, before they manifest into the physical, (most of the time).

So when something comes into my life that creates a palpable energetic shift, such as this water did, I get excited.

What I noticed over that month;
– a shift in my energy body – my aura felt lighter and clearer.
– my third eye felt clearer and decalcified.  Watch this video here.
– I was hydrated, my mouth was no longer ‘dry’.
– my pee color was clearer.
– I didn’t need to pee as often.
– I enjoyed drinking the amount of water required for my body. (half your weight in ounces per day).
– I could smell the chlorine in tap water instantly.

So whilst these things may not seem like such a big deal, they ARE palpable shifts and symptoms of increased hydration and detoxification.

After my trial, I was fortunate that my friend lent me his spare Kangen Machine for a number of months, so I had one in house.  Such deep gratitude for this gift he shared.  I was then able to cook with the water, use it in our jug, water our plants with it, use the acidic water to clean the house – eliminating the need for cleaning chemicals and additional toxins on the planet… Not to mention, sharing it with my housemates!

My housemate at the time had MONUMENTAL changes to her health by drinking it – but more about her later…

So a couple of weeks ago, my friend came to take back his spare Kangen Machine, to go forth and share it with another lucky household.  The Kangen withdrawals are REAL!

Because I didn’t have Kangen readily at hand anymore, I was back to filtered/bottled water.  I had a headache in days.  My body was dehydrated.  My pee more yellow, my mouth dry…

Fortunately/unfortunately it is good for me to experience the discomfort of this, as it really shows me the reality of our water supply.  I can’t continue to drink bottled water knowing what I know, plus the cost of plastic bottles on the environment.

So there’s nothing left to do, but dive in and purchase a machine.  I’ve done my homework and it makes sense.  It might be an investment, but knowing what this water does for my body, there isn’t another option.  Unless I move to Wye Creek and set up my teepee?!

If you’re curious and want to learn more, please reach out, and watch the videos below.  If you’re in the Queenstown/Arrowtown Area – I’d love to extend forth a free trial to you.

There are far more healing stories about what this water can do than I have written in my words.  This is a medical grade water machine ionizer – originally designed for the purpose of supporting patients to create an alkalized body in order to heal faster post surgery. Illness and disease cannot survive in an alkalized state.

If water can do that – think of the possibilities…  There are an abundance of testimonials, this is just the beginning…

I cannot recommend enough to simply TRY this water.

Have an experience of how your physical body responds to drinking such high vibrating water and then decide what feels best.

In Love & Health,


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Next Water Demonstrations
* Arrowtown Holistic Fair – 20 October 2019

If you are interested in attending a water demo – please reach out as they are constantly happening throughout the country, and globally.

Check out this 10 minute video here, for further interesting information on hydration.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey towards greater health & vitality!

In love & health,

Heidi xxx